"Changing Society through cultural values"
"Changing Society through cultural values"

Icons Shop

The collective Layren Studio Customs makes accessible and puts on sale their icons to date only accessible to artists and personalities so they can transcend society




Layren Studio Customs  are the curators of Piano Charity that will take place next January 2018, being the event that will show the most interesting piano visions nationwide




We took the management of the Cuban genius Archi Alpizar, founder of the Institute of Electronic Music in Havana, and currently specializes in the trends of minimalism and the evolution of music and harmony in popular music. 





We design tactic strategies and consultancy for Worlwide Brands in relation with Influenzers. We works close with the most important agencies in Spain to develop "tailoring solutions". We participate in the organization and musical production Okiko Clothing & Music, first agency influenzers southern Europe, the proceeds were to benefit from improving the situation of refugees.





Music Promotors

We carry out both own productions as hiring artists to develop the best events and festivals




We introduce our artists: Archi Alpízar, Iván "Melón" Lewis or Knappa in the best festivals



The first LP. Archi Alpízar as composer. Archi is a composer, pianist and creator Cuban resident in Spain, which introduced electronic music in Cuba, as founder of the Institute of Electronic Music in Havana. 

Piano Day

We have released a Special Single, "Each Day I Think of Her", to collaborate with the Intenational Initiative, Piano Day 2016.



We offer brands a close and differential experience with leading artists, or multiple awards and international recognition.We differ from other players we do an analysis of the brand and customer experience.



Collaborative Content

We have tried to make the music more classic poster, was perceived by a young audience in a different way. For them we have collaborated with Carlota Cossials, Hinds, in the development of a videoclip with its own rock aesthetic forms. Hinds currently is touring around the world with their successful debut album.

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